Museum of Collected Identities

Holly in the Museum Of Collected Identities, June 2007

Holly in the Museum Of Collected Identities, June 2007

The Museum of Collected Identities was a series of 16 creative workshops where eight young people from The Junction Works disability service in St. Johns Park worked alongside director, Alison Richardson, and designer, Kate Shanahan, to explore ideas of obsession, madness and identity. The group had brought in collections of their own ranging from a whole heap of pink make up and accessories to pictures of Ron Moss from The Bold and the Beautiful (including the lip gloss kiss marks).

The two hour workshops consist of exercises in design such as painting fabric with anything but a paint brush, instead using teddy bears, barbie dolls, cars, chains, sticks and performance exercises such as balancing on paper islands, imaginary painting of space with body parts and spontaneous outbursts of magic (included levitation), wrestling mania and hip hop from Tom and the occasional re-enactment of a scene from Ugly Betty or Home and Away from Michael (in between telling us about how much washing, ironing, cleaning and sweeping and mopping he has done on the week end).

The final showing of work was held on Monday June 25th, 2007 at Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield, NSW. The audience was encouraged to explore the Museum that the group has created. They saw Michael, The Incredible Ironing Man, had their silhouette or portrait drawn, looked for Ron Moss in a series of jars whilst listening to Celine Dion singing the theme from Titanic.

Kate Shanahan (Design) and Alison Richardson (Performance)

Tom, Michael, Holly, Lorena, Quan, Phillip, James and Leigh (The Junction Works)

sliced bread attraction, Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield City Council