Club Wild

Club Wild is one of Australia’s leading music, performance and community cultural development organisations run by and for people with disabilities and has been running in Victoria for the past 8 years.

Club Wild’s mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities to establish and express their unique cultural identities, to celebrate and affirm these within their own communities and to participate fully in the cultural life of wider Sydney.

Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) was successful in securing funding for a Club Wild in Bankstown. The two most important aspects of holding a Club Wild for PYT was to foster the development of young people with a disability through an inclusive workshop program that fed into the event and also to create a nightclub experience where everyone could have fun and express themselves in an inclusive and accessible environment.

“Club Wild rocked the house. The band was cool, mad.” Michael

“I liked Marky Mark when he had the Guy Sebastian hair and when he was on the microphone.” Salim

“I like the disco Club Wild and the band. I love my Club Wild T-shirt, dancing and the day filming in the park, playing soccer and quoits.” Nadya

“The Club Wild night was the best night ever. I liked Rachael and Belinda from the band and the necklace they gave me.” Melissa

The final event took place at Bankstown YMCA.

Production Team:

Event Manager/ Producer – Alison Richardson
Production Manager – Tim Dennis
Production Assistant – Padaric Meredith Keller
MC – NOMISe & Marky Mark
Venue Liaison/Kiosk Coordinator – Lisa Newsom
Front of house – Claudia Chidiac, Matt Leslie, Kate Rowley

Partners: Bankstown City Council, Bankstown YMCA, Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service, Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT).

Further information: on Club Wild.