Email 20/10/08

We had such a wonderful time teaching the guys yoga, they were such a joy! Well done on organising such an amazing event, walking around I could see how much work had gone into it and how much everyone was loving it and having such a great time! Congratulations!
Warm wishes,
Jessica Olivieri
Studio Manager (Monday, Thursday, Friday)

Samadhi Yoga
36 Lennox Street
NSW 2042

+61 2 9517 3280

Email 20/10/08

I just wanted to let you know that the students, teachers and teacher’s aids had a fantastic time. We really loved all the different activities.
Thank you so much for putting together a great workshop.
Will there be another soon?
JJ Cahill High School

Email 20/10/08

Hi Alison,

Congratulations on co-ordinating such a unique and worthwhile event! I attended the opening night, and loved seeing the array of other activities that were on offer throughout the Bakehouse festival week.

The program well thought out, and did an amazing job at bringing those with disability into mainstream arts venues.

On the opening night, I think Jay Katz put it well when he said ‘I think we should start realising that creativity comes from everywhere’, and indeed those with a disability have a lot to offer the arts and creative community. Your event has raised the profile of these people within the arts world. It also helped bridge the gap between those with a disability, and able-bodied people like myself.

I now understand the breadth and magnitude of creative energy these people have to offer.

Through other work you’ve done with those with disability, I’ve seen first hand how events like this raise the self esteem of those involved. Participants form new friendships, learn new skills, and feel they have a different outlet to express their dreams, feelings and challenges. For that, you should be extremely proud!

Kate Rowley

Email 20/10/08

Hi Alison,

All I can give you is praise for the Bakehouse festival. I loved it and personally found it really inspiring. It was great to have serious arts companies giving some time to adults with disabilities, and I got the sense that the artists really enjoyed it as well. Studio ARTES has made some good contacts with different arts companies so it was very beneficial for us.

Thanks for organizing the event and well done!

If you have any time before the end of the year I would love to catch up and have a chat and tell you about what we are up to here and see if there is any way we could work together in the future. Anyway, well done again!

Studio ARTES Northside
9482 5266

Email 20/10/08

Hi Alison,

I would like to thank you and your team on behalf of the students and staff at William Rose School for the wonderful Bakehouse program that we participated in last week. Both the movie making workshop and the sensory/tactile tour were held at the Carriageworks, which is such an inspiring and fun venue to visit. The students, including those in wheelchairs, were able to access the venue and all of the installations with ease.

However, the program’s accessibility was not just physical – the workshops and activities for the tour were highly appropriate, fun and engaging for the students (all of who are in years 9 to 12). They had a blast with the puppets, spontaneously role playing their characters. They also loved the caravan installation from the MCA, with the ears and eyes. We have some real ‘tech-heads’ in our class who loved to manipulate technology like that, and doing so in an art installation was great). I loved the caravan too! The toys with amplifiers was ‘hectic’ to use a student word, and it was hilarious to watch the students warm up to using them (as they were for ‘kids’, or so it seemed, until they realised how incredibly loud and fun they could be!). It was with great reluctance that we left each activity to go to the next one, but we were not disappointed with these wonderful new experiences and the opportunity to try things on, get our hands on things and engage socially in a fantastic space.

The two students who attended the movie making workshop were likewise treated to something new and wonderful. Craig, our tutor, had a great demeanour with our students, and with the entire group. With the help of Genevieve, he was able to have the group understand some basic ideas about film making. Actually getting to put some of this into practice, in a participant-focused way, was fantastic. My students were right there, the whole time, soaking everything up. I know this will be handy for them as we continue with developing Vodcasts as part of their literacy program at school. It all relates! It would be so great to have a more extensive workshop for those interested – as mine would be. However, even for the limited time available, a lot was achieved. It was a wonderful opportunity for our guys.

Alison, thanks again for such a wonderful week. Maybe we could get more involved with other days next time. . . . we were glad for the new experiences we had. It was also great to see some artwork by others we have met thorough Sliced Bread Attraction activities in the past, and make new friends and contacts. This is truly valuable for our students who can otherwise sometimes be more socially isolated than their non disabled peers.



Kate Sowerby

William Rose School
Phone (02) 9838 4893
Fax (02) 9838 4873
1 Morris Street, Seven Hills NSW 2147
PO Box 186, Seven Hills NSW 1730

Email 20/10/08

Hi Alison it was a great successful week you should be very happy and proud.
Such great people and Digby had a really fantastic time.
I will get D’s to tell about his experience.
Digby would love to give you the Robot with Box as part thanks for the terrific week.

Alison you are (all) perfectly wonderful and our life would be very diminished without such great energy.
Sancha said it right at the opening.
We don’t want you to ever change.
My love,

Email 21/10/08

Dear Alison

It was a real pleasure to be there – we all really enjoyed meeting the groups and having the opportunity to get Good Vibrations out. It would be great to see the photos when they are done. Also I couldn’t help bit notice that you were filming us too. It would be great to get a copy of whatever you come up with or any bits of filming that you have around the Caravan!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Emma Nicolson
Senior Manager, Education & Access
MCA l Museum of Contemporary Art
140 George Street
PO Box R1286 Sydney 1223 Australia
T + 61 2 9245 2435
F + 61 2 9252 4062

Email 10/08

Hi Alison this is to let you know thank you for helping me through the Bakehouse and thank Scot and Ella for the puppets and masks.

I like it because it was fun, it was fantastic.
It was great Break Dancing.
I feel it was a bloody awesome week.

All the tutors are great people.
They make me feel so happy.
I learnt how to make people laugh with the masks.
I like to show other people the puppets.

Thank you for the whole week.
Alison I want to give you my Robot and Box in red.
This is your present by me.
You give me a present and I can give you a present.

see you soon

Email 22/10/08

We all had a wonderful time. I think all the stations were so inspiring and we really had a great time seeing what you have been working so hard on as a part of the festival.


Keep up the great work!

Kate Baker
Community Partnerships
Australia Council For The Arts